e-Yantra: Engineering a better tomorrow

e-Yantra Farm Setup Initiative (eFSI)

Overview & Model of engagement

k-Yantra project develops a know-how for setting up an automated agriculture project. It comprises a test bed for hands-on learning for students to apply what they learnt in theory.

  • We prepare a “growing medium” through recycling waste and resource recovery of garden and kitchen waste is in sync with municipal solid waste management and consistent with “Swach Bharat
  • Plan and execute the creation of beds for growing plants
  • Making gadgets, tools and networking for monitoring the growth of plants

e-Yantra Role?

  • e-Yantra transfers this know-how to interested eLSI colleges. This project seeds a live demo project in the eLSI college where students “own” this project which serves as a base for original B.E. projects.
  • Hand-holding of the setting up of the demo-project in the college premises for a fixed period of time.
  • Providing documented procedures for the various steps involved.
  • Provide a list of required materials, consumables etc. for setting up the test bed.

What is expected of interested eLSI colleges?

  • Expression of interest – through a letter of intent, Committing resources and manpower by appointing a teacher as a coordinator of this project. Provide the caretaker for this project and a team of students comprising third year and second year students.
  • Allocate garden or terrace space for this project Estimated cost of developing a 150 sq. ft of garden including troughs, ingredients for creating soil, pumps, pipes, controller valves, electronics items etc. works out to Rs. 1 lakh. (This does not include land cost, supporting staff cost)
  • This space suffices for two teams of students to work on a project. Multiples of these may be deployed as per the desire of the college.