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  • ATmega2560 and ESP32 based development board
  • 12.5 W of Output Power
  • Wi-Fi compatible
  • Bluetooth Low Energy
  • Over-The-Air Update
  • Compatible with FreeRTOS
  • Arduino Programming Language Compatible
  • On-Board File Storage
  • Awesome Support

Line Follower Array

  • 8 sensor eyes (QRE1113)
  • I2C interface
  • Adjust IR brightness on the fly with a knob
  • Switch IR on and off with software
  • Switch visual indicators on and off with software
  • Invert dark/light sight with software
  • Based on the MCP23017 I/O Expander

  Download eY-LFA Hookup Guide

eY-LFA Hookup Guide

Developed by e-Yantra at IIT Bombay, India