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# What is e-Yantra Lab Set-up Initiative (eLSI) ?

eLSI is an initiative to establish a culture of “Project Based Learning” through an e-Yantra Lab embedded in a college. We do this by training teachers and students through various e-Yantra initiatives in technology skills and in using these skills to solve real problems using technology.

We have established robotics labs in 425+ colleges across India & Bhutan. We train a team of teachers and students from a college in Embedded Systems theory, Microcontroller programming, Software Foundation, Innovation & Entrepreneurship, etc. The teachers and students are trained to implement experiments through online MOOCs over a period of 2-3 months. At the end of the training, the participants are able to build embedded systems applications to solve practical problems.

We complement the existing higher education system by bringing a project based component into engineering education - i.e. “learn by doing” by training students in practical skills through competitions that last 2-6 months. These are e-Yantra Robotics Competition (eYRC) that trains in skills, e-Yantra Innovation Challenge (eYIC) that trains in the use of these skills to solve real problems and other initiatives such as Hackathons and Sprints that test their newly acquired skills.

Benifits of having eLSI lab

  • Training of teachers and students through hands-on MOOCs
  • One free robotic kit (if not given already in previous workshop)
  • Special pricing category for all value added courses/events for its students and teachers - Typical 10% discount in eYRC, eYIC, etc.
  • Access to e-Yantra Resource Development Center (eYRDC) portal - Resources such as Lesson plans, Tutorials, Lectures, Generic projects, etc. which can help teachers to utilize the eLSI Lab in an effective manner
  • Access to other initiatives such as e-Yantra Farm Setup Initiative (eFSI) - The project develops know-how for setting up an automated agriculture project using the Internet of Things (IoT) And many other value added benefits such as technical talks, MOOCs, etc.
  • Opportunities to take yearly subscription for free MOOCs*
  • Opportunities to avail free hardware kits every year*

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